Why I only date Black Women

What I have to say, may upset some and uplift others, either way I am just expressing my emotions and deep love for the Living Goddesses of the earth, The Black Woman!

Growing up in my small South Texas city, interracial dating and marriage wasn’t anything new, when it came to Hispanic and Caucasian relationships. The rarity came with interracial relationships, with African-Americans and Hispanics. This separation was propelled by gang violence, and cultural confusion. Any interaction or “god forbid” relationship, would be a cultural taboo, from both ethnicities. But it was this separation, that first intrigued me, I saw these beautiful Black angels and desperately wanted to be blessed by their presence. It wasn’t till I became older and began to act upon my desires, it was not always easy. Having to break social norms from both sides, but I am glad I did! I have made my mind and heart up, and two things I have sworn to do. 1. never ever date a single person from my race again; and 2. exclusively date these Beautiful Black angelic creatures from across the way. These are my reasons as to why, I only date the Black Goddess.


The physical attributes and attractiveness, are incomparable to anything I’ve experienced in my life. From her sun-kissed shades of soft silky brown to the mesmerizing deep indigo, the Black Woman’s tone stops me dead in my track and snatches my breath away. The way the she shines in the sun and contrasts in vibrant colors, no woman compares to the “head to toe”, deep enriched melaninated Queens. Her figure astonishingly voluptuous yet, physically fit. Her long strong legs, perfect feet and gorgeous naturally swaying booty, causes my temperature to rise and heart missing its beat. Her almond-round, brown eyes, deep with passion and love; catches my heart like a month to the flame. Her full soft lips, that every woman would die for, fill my dreams at night. The Black woman supersedes any woman I have been with, her beauty has lasted a thousand reigns, from the temples of Ma’at to the screens of fame, she walks amongst us. Never extinguishing her flame.

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