Dear White People (part 1)

Race Relations in Black and White


Dear white people,


It is unfortunate, that is has come to this; unfortunate how a social construct, illogical and unscientific ideal has lead many of you to supremacist beliefs. Before you close your mind, stating, “I (me) don’t know sh*t”, and/or uttering a racial slur at your mentally constructed image of myself, hear me out! Trust me, it will not take long at all.

Now, I know yall have great imaginations, with fairytales such as, “Caucasians built the pyramids of Egypt” or that, “animals are capable of deep intellectual thought”. So, for a few seconds use that vast imagination of yours and imagine. Imagine someone hating you with the up most intensity. Someone who judges you personally, without knowing anything about you at all; not your character, contributions, patriotism, #education or actions; but simply due to your predisposed phenotypic genetic make-up. Now imagine if you had to experience and face these extreme prejudicial judgments, from the time you were a toddler. A time when life is carefree, Love is unconditional, and everyone is perfect in your eyes; just imagine what that could have done to your Psychological-emotional development. Well unfortunately, this is what a majority of “ethnic-minorities” experience, yes even at the time of birth we experience these negative judgments. Experiences, like this 3-year-old baby boy experienced in a Kansas Restaurant, According to KCTV, the 3-year-old baby (African American), wandered off from a birthday party, when another customer (off duty fireman) was seen using racial slurs and spat on the child [see full story here: (]. Of course, you all would love to use dismissive statements such as, “this was an isolated incident” or “I haven’t see that before”, but the fact of the matter is, incidents like this occur a lot more often than we like to admit. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report (2016), 15,254 law enforcement agencies across the nation reported 6,121 hate crime incidents involving 7,321 offenses occurred (source: That is about 610 reported cases per month, not to mention the countless unreported and nonparticipator police agencies’ reports. Therefore, the arguments of, “racists attacks are isolated incidents” or “do not occur as often as we think” are completely invalid.

How could one individual possess so much hate in their heart, what has led these individuals to these irrational and negative emotions? And you wonder why, physical, mental, and emotional retaliation occurs (guilty 😉)! As an ethnic “minority”, I am not looking for yall’s sympathy, but rather just the innate human emotion of empathy. Is it that hard to see through another man’s eyes, is it that hard to see through a child’s eyes?

Now some of you will truly believe you have no part in this problem, some will even go as far as emotional blurting-out irrelevant statements such as, “my great grandpa fought to free the slaves” [And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another Quran 35:18]. Unfortunately, the truth is, regardless if you believe you are free of “sin”. You still thrive off privilege and this structural white supremacist “machine”, privilege of course is being able to freely express yourself without the fear of legal or civil retaliation, judgment, and ridicule. Which is why a 16-year-old white male, during a drunken thieving joyride, was able to KILL four individuals (vehicle manslaughter) and walk away freely, due to “being too rich, and ignorant” [full story: ]. While a 13-year-old African American boy, playing with a toy gun (in the PLAY-GROUND) was shot dead by authorities. If you still believe the boy or his mother was to blame for his own death (as the police stated) [full story: ], maybe take a second and observe your surroundings, you might notice the dominance of your cultural ideals. For instance, Next time you all watch tv or a movie, and there is a black /brown physically fit or “gangster” character. Watch what happens when the main character (typically a white guy) speaks to that black/brown man. He will try to be witty and make the black/brown character seem dumb or ill equipped to face the “intellectual superior” white character. This may seem mundane, but this is proof of cultural supremacy, but this is also called fantasy. You have built these fantasies with your movies and shows, and the byproduct of these fantasies, is the delusion that you somehow can speak to black/brown individuals in certain ways. This white people, is cultural dominance and privilege, whether you are aware or ignorant of this fact, is your prerogative to sort out.

To be continued…..



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