Part II “Meditation”



Understanding this cosmic connection and allowing it to guide your life, is only half the wisdom. Getting to this point and reaching your greatest potentials, starts with an in-depth self-analysis, usually through meditation. Meditation being, “a hindering of all outside forces & influences, while simultaneously intensifying internal thought”. The goal of this deep reflective state is, attempting to remove all forms of perspective lenses. Which should cause you to view life, the world and yourself through “spiritual eyes (objective view)”. This celestial outlook can be achieved with the assistance of the all-powerful universe (U-verse) and long walks alone or sitting quietly. All forms of meditation, force your spiritual and physical self to shed all unimportant and mundane aspects of life.

These new clear lenses of perspective, will allow you to “see” all things for what they truly are, a type of, “heavenly perspective”. Often, people, situations or processes are not what we had anticipated, it is only when cleaning our hearts, minds and viewing the world through heaven’s eyes; that certain evils (unwanted or destructive forces and ideologies, aimed to destroy you or your livelihood) and systems will be exposed. These systems may have been lifelong norms or perceived facts of life; these strange observable phenomena can be collectively known as, “cycles”. Cycles such as, “living & dying, circles of life, even psycho-social concepts such as, perspective, thought patterns/processes and life styles”. These cycles may have been dictated by learned and preordain knowledge of family, peers, government, and overall culture. These loops or cycles, are the perpetrators responsible for life’s perceived norms and purposes, which inadvertently controls how you speak, exhibit social mannerisms, and over all self-expression. These cycles are essentially a viewable “matrix”, which is why some individuals seem somewhat predictable. This is due to the simplicity of their “life-style cycle”, they might wake up, go to work, order the same size coffee and drive the same routes; even their thought pattern may be predictable. This mostly is seen in closed minded and simple individuals, often cycling perceived facts from passed generates without any objective view or analytical process, which only exacerbates the “mental-cycle”. As we know, the mind is the most powerful and deadly component of the world’s development/destruction; which is way it is vital to break and help others to break these cycles.

To be Continued…

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