“Windows to the World”


The rise of narcissistic behavior can be attributed to the fear of being forgotten forever, or yearning for the feeling of importance and meaningfulness. This infatuation with our own ideals/philosophies, physique, or facial features, will truly kill the spirit within. We mustn’t forget the light that dwells within us all, burns bright with the oils of love. It mustn’t be dimmed or extinguished by the uncontrollable urges of our animalistic nature. We must exercise, feed, groom and admire our spiritual bodies as much as we do our physical ones! Unfortunately, we all have had the bitter taste of this forbidden fruit; but some individuals cannot stomach the fact that, they will never matter or impact the world on a large scale no matter how hard they try.

They also fail to understand that, influence on a small scale is just as important! Who would Einstein, M.L.K, Gandhi, or all scientists and world leaders be if they had not been inspired by their heroes, can you recall your earliest positive influences? If that person, event, or idea did not affect you to be a truth seeker, who would you be now? The fact of the matter is, you are important! Whether you have effects on large groups or a single child, it is irrelevant! The wisdom is, “What you say, can and will affect another’s thought pattern”, so put the cameras and pride down, and be mindful of your tongue and actions. For you are held accountable, for your brothers/sisters, from the moment of birth to the moment of their grave! So always remember, “The windows to your world, are only as wide as you see them”.


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