Part I “Connection”


During the hustle and bustle of modern life, in between texting and formulating our favorite Arabica beverages or strategically applying the best photo enhancements. We often find ourselves forgetting the vital source of our 20 million-year development, the essence of what makes us uniquely human; the spiritual connection!

Over countless years philosophers, gurus and “holy” men, spent life time’s trying to answer the most significant questions to life. “Where did we come from, why am I here, & and is there a higher power?”, many of these ideologies and theories formulated, some eventually developing into the religions we know today. It is uncertain what exactly our ancient teachers meant when explaining, metaphysical sciences and practices; but what we do understand is that, after many years of translations, alterations, and sociopolitical influence. Both teachers and students alike, have lost all philosophical and spiritual wisdom, of these great spiritual scientists.

What our forefathers have lost, we must search and find again! We must shed the mundane rituals, of narcissistic-selfish ignorance, and connect to the universe! We must accept what we believe as correct, has been preordained by governments, corporations, religion; and any other institution proceeding our current understanding of the world & it’s affairs. Stop for a second, and question where did you obtain your knowledge and how has this effected your current prospective. Yes, although meaningless negative events occur, how we emotionally and psychologically take-in and reformulate these occurrences; is how our perspective lenses of religion, philosophy, and personal beliefs help decipher these events. Letting go of your perspective-altering lenses will allow you to connect to the all-powerful god; The universe!

We should not fear this word, “god”. For, I am god and we all are gods! Not in a consciously egotistical sense, but rather in a physical and energetical manner. It scientifically proven that, every atom, molecule, and mineral that makes up our physical body, also forms and is a part of the universe. The entire essence of our being, is part of this existence. This includes our seemingly unique human aspect of consciousness, which is only a highly advanced form of problem solving ability of our physical brains. This atomically-universal make-up, is why lower conscious beings such as animals and planets, are just as much a part of god as you and I. They are biologically and elementally connected to all existence like ourselves, only lacking the biological advancement of self-realization which allows us humans to articulate this knowledge. We must be grateful for this advancement which allows us to understand the fact, that we are the living embodiment of the father, an extension of this universe along with all matter. So, let us live with this knowledge, that god is all, and all is god, and let us acknowledge and greet this oneness of the all god, within each other!

The benefits of letting go and connecting to the universe, are unimaginable. Take myself for instance, a small-town Texas boy letting go and connecting. Has allowed me to travel the world, visit many places and experience many cultures; from standing on the Ziggurat of the ancient biblical city of Ur to eating finding dinning on the busy streets of Paris. None of my ventures would have occurred if I had not let go and let the universe guide me. Connecting, will not only “take you” places, but also give you a sense of direction, protection and personal meaning for your soul. Listening to the universal guidance I have taken up writing, tapping into my innate articulation and ability to “see” the big picture in things. Writing has never been my forte, yet the universe both guided and protected me, till I accepted this mission.

Continued in, “Part II : Meditation”

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