Dear White People (part 1)

Race Relations in Black and White


Dear white people,


It is unfortunate, that is has come to this; unfortunate how a social construct, illogical and unscientific ideal has lead many of you to supremacist beliefs. Before you close your mind, stating, “I (me) don’t know sh*t”, and/or uttering a racial slur at your mentally constructed image of myself, hear me out! Trust me, it will not take long at all.

Now, I know yall have great imaginations, with fairytales such as, “Caucasians built the pyramids of Egypt” or that, “animals are capable of deep intellectual thought”. So, for a few seconds use that vast imagination of yours and imagine. Imagine someone hating you with the up most intensity. Someone who judges you personally, without knowing anything about you at all; not your character, contributions, patriotism, #education or actions; but simply due to your predisposed phenotypic genetic make-up. Now imagine if you had to experience and face these extreme prejudicial judgments, from the time you were a toddler. A time when life is carefree, Love is unconditional, and everyone is perfect in your eyes; just imagine what that could have done to your Psychological-emotional development. Well unfortunately, this is what a majority of “ethnic-minorities” experience, yes even at the time of birth we experience these negative judgments. Experiences, like this 3-year-old baby boy experienced in a Kansas Restaurant, According to KCTV, the 3-year-old baby (African American), wandered off from a birthday party, when another customer (off duty fireman) was seen using racial slurs and spat on the child [see full story here: (]. Of course, you all would love to use dismissive statements such as, “this was an isolated incident” or “I haven’t see that before”, but the fact of the matter is, incidents like this occur a lot more often than we like to admit. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report (2016), 15,254 law enforcement agencies across the nation reported 6,121 hate crime incidents involving 7,321 offenses occurred (source: That is about 610 reported cases per month, not to mention the countless unreported and nonparticipator police agencies’ reports. Therefore, the arguments of, “racists attacks are isolated incidents” or “do not occur as often as we think” are completely invalid.

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Why I only date Black Women

What I have to say, may upset some and uplift others, either way I am just expressing my emotions and deep love for the Living Goddesses of the earth, The Black Woman!

Growing up in my small South Texas city, interracial dating and marriage wasn’t anything new, when it came to Hispanic and Caucasian relationships. The rarity came with interracial relationships, with African-Americans and Hispanics. This separation was propelled by gang violence, and cultural confusion. Any interaction or “god forbid” relationship, would be a cultural taboo, from both ethnicities. But it was this separation, that first intrigued me, I saw these beautiful Black angels and desperately wanted to be blessed by their presence. It wasn’t till I became older and began to act upon my desires, it was not always easy. Having to break social norms from both sides, but I am glad I did! I have made my mind and heart up, and two things I have sworn to do. 1. never ever date a single person from my race again; and 2. exclusively date these Beautiful Black angelic creatures from across the way. These are my reasons as to why, I only date the Black Goddess.


The physical attributes and attractiveness, are incomparable to anything I’ve experienced in my life. From her sun-kissed shades of soft silky brown to the mesmerizing deep indigo, the Black Woman’s tone stops me dead in my track and snatches my breath away. The way the she shines in the sun and contrasts in vibrant colors, no woman compares to the “head to toe”, deep enriched melaninated Queens. Her figure astonishingly voluptuous yet, physically fit. Her long strong legs, perfect feet and gorgeous naturally swaying booty, causes my temperature to rise and heart missing its beat. Her almond-round, brown eyes, deep with passion and love; catches my heart like a month to the flame. Her full soft lips, that every woman would die for, fill my dreams at night. The Black woman supersedes any woman I have been with, her beauty has lasted a thousand reigns, from the temples of Ma’at to the screens of fame, she walks amongst us. Never extinguishing her flame.

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Part II “Meditation”



Understanding this cosmic connection and allowing it to guide your life, is only half the wisdom. Getting to this point and reaching your greatest potentials, starts with an in-depth self-analysis, usually through meditation. Meditation being, “a hindering of all outside forces & influences, while simultaneously intensifying internal thought”. The goal of this deep reflective state is, attempting to remove all forms of perspective lenses. Which should cause you to view life, the world and yourself through “spiritual eyes (objective view)”. This celestial outlook can be achieved with the assistance of the all-powerful universe (U-verse) and long walks alone or sitting quietly. All forms of meditation, force your spiritual and physical self to shed all unimportant and mundane aspects of life.

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“Windows to the World”


The rise of narcissistic behavior can be attributed to the fear of being forgotten forever, or yearning for the feeling of importance and meaningfulness. This infatuation with our own ideals/philosophies, physique, or facial features, will truly kill the spirit within. We mustn’t forget the light that dwells within us all, burns bright with the oils of love. It mustn’t be dimmed or extinguished by the uncontrollable urges of our animalistic nature. We must exercise, feed, groom and admire our spiritual bodies as much as we do our physical ones! Unfortunately, we all have had the bitter taste of this forbidden fruit; but some individuals cannot stomach the fact that, they will never matter or impact the world on a large scale no matter how hard they try.

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Part I “Connection”


During the hustle and bustle of modern life, in between texting and formulating our favorite Arabica beverages or strategically applying the best photo enhancements. We often find ourselves forgetting the vital source of our 20 million-year development, the essence of what makes us uniquely human; the spiritual connection!

Over countless years philosophers, gurus and “holy” men, spent life time’s trying to answer the most significant questions to life. “Where did we come from, why am I here, & and is there a higher power?”, many of these ideologies and theories formulated, some eventually developing into the religions we know today. It is uncertain what exactly our ancient teachers meant when explaining, metaphysical sciences and practices; but what we do understand is that, after many years of translations, alterations, and sociopolitical influence. Both teachers and students alike, have lost all philosophical and spiritual wisdom, of these great spiritual scientists.

What our forefathers have lost, we must search and find again! We must shed the mundane rituals, of narcissistic-selfish ignorance, and connect to the universe! We must accept what we believe as correct, has been preordained by governments, corporations, religion; and any other institution proceeding our current understanding of the world & it’s affairs. Stop for a second, and question where did you obtain your knowledge and how has this effected your current prospective. Yes, although meaningless negative events occur, how we emotionally and psychologically take-in and reformulate these occurrences; is how our perspective lenses of religion, philosophy, and personal beliefs help decipher these events. Letting go of your perspective-altering lenses will allow you to connect to the all-powerful god; The universe! Continue reading “Part I “Connection””